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Are the Contacts synchronized by the Wireless Synchronization Service the same as our Farmers e-CMS Contacts?

No. The contacts synchronized by the Wireless Synchronization Service are NOT your e-CMS Contacts. They are the Contacts you maintain in your Farmers eMail account.


What about synchronizing email?

The SyncML-based Wireless Synchronization Service does not synchronize email.

However, email profiles can be configured on your mobile device so your or email can be retrieved and viewed using your mobile device's email client.

You can use the IMAP protocol to synchronize your email with your PDA/SmartPhone mobile device. The basic settings to configure IMAP email synchronization between your mobile device and your email account are as follows:

        User Name:<Farmers email address>
Password:<Farmers email password>
Incoming (Port 993 with SSL)
Outgoing (authenticated SMTP setting) (Port 465 with SSL)

Do I need to purchase a "wireless" account to synchronize email?

No. This capability is already included with your Farmers eMail account. You do not need to purchase or upgrade to an account with wireless (w/wireless) to use eMail on your mobile device.


Do I need Internet access (a wireless data plan) to Synchronize?

The Wireless Synchronization Service is designed for mobile wireless devices with Internet access.

If you do not have a wireless data plan from your wireless service provider, you still may be able to synchronize if you have another method of accessing the Internet from your wireless device, including WiFi access or Internet access via a cradle or Bluetooth connection.

Note: An unlimited wireless data plan (or a limited plan that will accommodate your anticipated usage) from your wireless service provider is recommended unless you have an alternative method of accessing the Internet as mentioned above.


Will the Wireless Synchronization Service work with any wireless carrier?

Yes. The service is independent of your wireless carrier. It will work with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and etc. as long as you have the correct combination of mobile device, mobile device operating system, and SyncML Plug-In for your mobile device.


Are there any general configuration settings?

Each device will have different configuration settings, but, in general, the following items will need to be configured for your mobile device (client):

        Server URL: (for secured encryption)
User Name:<Farmers email address>
Password:<Farmers email password>

For each item that you can synchronize, you may need to configure additional information:

Item Server Folder Name Type
Contacts contacts Vcard 2.1, text/x-vcard
Calendar/Eventscalendar Vcalendar 1.0, text/x-vcalendar
Tasks tasks Vcalendar 1.0, text/x-vcalendar
Notes notes text/plain

Can I use SSL encryption with Wireless Synchronization Service?

Yes. You MUST use SSL when configuring your client. You must always configure your client with https://. We enforce this policy to make sure that your password is protected when your client authenticates to our server.


Do I need to worry about any loss or corruption of data?

While no data loss or corruption should occur, it is always recommended you make a backup of your contacts, calendar, and tasks before your first sync. In the unlikely event that calendar events, tasks, contacts or notes are deleted from your account, you can recover them from your Trash folder for up to three days.


Will Wireless Synchronization Service work properly if I travel across different time zones?

To ensure calendar events are properly synchronized, you should ensure your device time-zone is always set to the same time-zone as your email service before synchronizing calendar events.


What is the difference between the Synthesis AG Standard (STD) and Professional (PRO) plug-in versions?

The PRO version has all of the features of the STD version plus the following additional features:

  • scheduled automatic synchronization (for Windows Mobile in all versions and for the PalmOS in the V3.0 version and later)
  • email sync support
  • multiple profiles for synchronizing with multiple servers

More details can be found in the manuals included in the .zip download packages of the plug-ins


Do I really need the Synthesis AG Professional (PRO) version of the Plug-In?

That answer is really up to you. Consider the following, 2 of the 3 main differences between the PRO and the STD version don't provide you with any added value when used with the SilverSky Wireless Synchronization Service.

  • scheduled automatic synchronization - is the only PRO feature that works with the SilverSky Wireless Synchronization Service
  • email sync support - The SilverSky SyncML-based Wireless Synchronization Service does not synchronize email
  • multiple profiles for synchronizing with multiple servers - You are only syncing with 1 server ( so you don't need multiple profiles for mutiple servers

I purchased the Plug-In. How will I receive my Product Registration Information?

The product registration code for your Plug-In will be included in the purchase confirmation email that will be sent to you by Kagi.  It may take anywhere from minutes to hours for this email to show up in your inbox.  This email will come from "Kagi (sm)" and the subject will say, "Thanks for your purchase".  Be careful to not mistake this email as spam and delete it.  If you do not see this email after a reasonable amount of time check your wastebasket and spam/junk email folder for it before contacting Kagi.

In the event that you do not receive the "Thanks for your purchase" email, please use the Kagi online Order Tracking System to obtain more information.


I've been synching my mobile device with Outlook on my computer. Can I switch and start using the Wireless Synchronization Service?

Yes you can! You can stop synchronizing your mobile device with Outlook and start synchronizing your mobile device with your Farmers eMail account at anytime. Before your stop synchronizing with Outlook however, do one final synchronization between your mobile device and Outlook to make sure that all of your current data is on your mobile device. Then you can start synchronizing your mobile device with your Farmers eMail and never look back!


What are the advantages of using the Wireless Synchronization Service instead of synchronizing my mobile device with Outlook?

Universal access to your current Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, and Notes.

When you use Outlook for your Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, and Notes and synchronize Outlook with your mobile device you have created 2 separate islands of information. The first island of information is the data locked away in Outlook on your office/home computer. This data is available to you only when you are sitting in front of that computer. The second island of information is the data on your mobile device. This data is only as current as the last time you synchronized your mobile device with Outlook.

To fully realize the advantages of the service, you need to use the browser-based web interface to your Farmers eMail Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, and Notes while you are at your office/home computer and synchronize that data to your mobile device using the Wireless Synchronization Service.

In this way, your most current data is always available to you whenever you have access to any computer connected to the Internet. Your most current data is also always available to you on your mobile device after synchronizing and you can synchronize your date anywhere you have a mobile device signal, not just when you physically tie your mobile device to your office/home computer.


My staff has been entering Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, and Notes data for me into Outlook. Then I synch my mobile device with Outlook. Can my staff keep doing this when I stop using Outlook?

Yes. Your staff can continue to maintain you data for you. Once you give them permissions, they can help you manage your data from any computer with Internet access and a web browser. You can give your staff permissions to View your calendar and tasks, to Manage your calendar and tasks, or to Manage your entire Mailbox. This last permission is very powerful. With this permission a staff member can log into your mailbox as you and do anything you can do. In addition to managing your calendar and tasks a person with this permission level can also manage your emails, contacts, and notes.


What can I do if I have problems with Wireless Synchronization Service?

If you have a problem with the Wireless Synchronization Service please read the Known Issues information to see if your problem has already been identified.

If not, please send us information on your issue: Please send details of the problem that you are having to us either through the Help/Feedback page within your email service or by sending email to

Please include the type of device you are using (include the manufacturer and model #), the SyncML software and version that you are using.

You can also call us at:

Toll Free: 1.800.353.8959
International/Toll: +1.919.228.2580

How can I provide feedback on Wireless Synchronization Service?

We would love to hear your feedback on your experience with the Wireless Synchronization Service. Please send feedback to

Please let us know what type of device you have, which SyncML client (including version) you are using, as well as any comments you have.


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