iPad/iPad 2 - Costs

Before we get too far into the process we wanted to give you some information about the cost of this great new service.  The following information is provided to give you an estimate 1 of the total cost to implement the Wireless Synchronization Service.

SilverSky Wireless Service $15.00 annual - pro-rated $1.25 monthly
Internet Access Data Package 2 Varies by Carrier
iPad SyncML App (ToDo+Cal+Sync) $14.99 one-time 3

1 These costs are estimates only.  Internet Access Data Package and SyncML App costs vary by vendor and class of service or App purchased.  All costs are subject to change and, in the case of non-U.S. vendors, also subject to the daily exchange rate fluctuations.
2 The Wireless Synchronization Service requires at least 1GB of storage.  If you already have a mailbox that has 1GB or greater, you have already incurred this cost. By default, agents will already have 1GB of storage. Only 5MB generic staff accounts will need to upgrade their mailboxes to 1GB.
3 SilverSky recommends an unlimited Internet Access Data Package
4 Though the prices and terms will vary between vendors, the SyncML App purchase, like most shrink wrap software purchases, is typically a one-time cost that includes version upgrades for 1 year.  Your App should continue to work after a year, but there will probably be an additional cost to upgrade to a newer version of the software.

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