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We're sorry, but you don't appear to have a SyncML compatible mobile device.

What to Do Next - Your Options
  • Contact your wireless carrier to see if they have a SyncML application for your mobile device and operating system combination. Let USA.NET know if they do

  • Purchase a new mobile device that is compatible with SyncML

A SyncML compatible mobile device is one where the mobile device's operating system is designed to have SyncML capabilities built into it or where someone has created an application for that device's operating system that can be installed on the device to give the device SyncML capabilities.

That is the case for the mobile devices such as the iPhone, Palms, Treos, BlackBerrys, and Windows Mobile devices.  Vendors have created applications (SyncML Plug-Ins) that can be installed on those devices to give them SyncML capability.

Many devices, the LG Voyager shown here being a good example, have sophisticated capabilities that include Calendar, Tasks, Contacts and Notes.

However, the LG Voyager offered by Verizon Wireless uses an operating system that does not include SyncML capabilities, nor has anyone written a SyncML Plug-In (application) that can be added to the Voyager to give it SyncML capabilities.

Verizon does sell software to allow you to sync Calendar, Tasks, Contacts and Notes information, but it is not based on the SyncML standard and is not compatible with the USA.NET Wireless Synchronization Service.

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